My name is Kevin Asuncion.  I've been a DJ, sushi chef, and engineer and live in San Jose, California.  Heritance birthed from my personal search for a stylish and durable leather belt.  I love the creative design process and making things with my hands, so I undertook the task of creating my own belt.  Friends and family enjoyed belts I gifted to them, and from there I ventured into launching Heritance Goods.

 Heritance is the inheritance of our heritage.  Embracing the reality that we are always either giving or receiving, my aim is to create quality goods that serve us daily, but also stand the test of time that they may be passed on from one generation to the next.  My hope is to link the future to the past, bridge generations with memories, and provide artifacts that remind us of our legacies.  Heritance Crafted Goods is a one man operation.  Each product is designed, crafted, and shipped by myself for your unique storyline.